Authentic Original Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do Training Videos from the oldest international JKD organization.

The World Jeet Kune Do video training series is the first and only JKD video training program with videos DVD’s for each and every rank level.

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You will actually learn Jeet Kune Do just like if you were in one of our exclusive classes. Once you have practiced the moves and have them down, just send us as video, video file, video links, or upload to our video link of you performing all of the required techniques, and if you pass our requirements you will receive a beautiful authentic JKD rank certificate recognized worldwide.  Learn from the number one Jeet Kune Do organization in the World. World Jeet Kune Do with over eight thousand members worldwide. This is the official website for JKD dvd's and videos worldwide. The source for original JKD and Jeet Kune Do